Thursday, October 30

Food imagery

Visualize a large block of butter.  Not right out of the refrigerator, but a bit softer, as if it had been taken out a couple of hours ago to soften at room temperature.  Got it?  Okay, hold that image for a while, we’ll be getting back to it.  The shuttle was three or four minutes late at Medford this morning, not very long in the grand scheme of things but almost interminable when waiting on the cold exposed platform in the predawn darkness.  Next week’s end of Daylight Savings Time can’t come soon enough for me.  In any event, I got the 6:56 Flatbush Avenue train at Ronkonkoma, and soon noticed that it wasn’t quite as crowded as usual.  Hey, maybe no one would sit next to me.  I was reading, and listening to music on my iPod, and basically paying little attention to my surroundings until reality reared its ugly head at Farmingdale.   Reality took the form of a soft marshmallow-like (but non-SCA) man who plopped next to me.  He wasn’t actually fat, but had that disturbingly common puffy soft build.  As he sat to my right, my right elbow poked into his side – not deliberately, just a consequence of the angle at which my right arm was bent.  How did this feel?  Refer back to the softened-butter imagery.  It felt just like my elbow was thrust into a big block of softened butter.  The thick layer of suet padding his ribcage had precisely that consistency, and the mere thought that people can let their bodies deteriorate to such a point almost nauseated me.  Not that I had any sympathy for him, as of course his bulk made the ride miserable for me.  Thankfully, he moved to another seat a few minutes later when some people got off at Hicksville, and a tall but much narrower young man took his place. I was able to ride the rest of the way to Flatbush Avenue in (relative) comfort, and in a very unusual turn of events actually got a seat on a 4 train to Fulton Street.

Getting home turned out quite well.  I waited only a couple of minutes for a C train at Broadway-Nassau and once again found a seat right away.  And then, in a really lucky turn of events, no one sat next to me for the entire trip on the 5:22 to Ronkonkoma.  It’s a very rare and very nice treat.  So happy was I that I didn’t even mind that the Medford shuttle was a few minutes late getting into Ronkonkoma.

Gym: Tonight was a shorter session than yesterday, which sort of went without saying, but reasonably productive.  I started out with 15 minutes on the double-end bag, and then ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill at 5.6 mph.  This made a very decent eight miles for the week ending tonight.  I then did some neutral grip pull-ups, 1 x 8, 3 x 6.  I had done some just yesterday, but this is the sort of exercise that can be done on successive days without much risk of overtraining.

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