Tuesday, November 4

Why did you have to sit there, schmuck?

An early morning trip to a nearby school to vote took longer than I’d expected – there actually was a bit of a line – so I had to drive to Ronkonkoma rather than get the shuttle from Medford.  I probably could have caught the 7:04 to Penn had I hustled a bit, but I didn’t, and instead got the 7:19.  The parking lot seemed relatively uncrowded, most likely for reasons related to Election Day, but the train itself was a cattle train.  It filled quickly even before we left the station.  I was sitting in a window seat on the 2-across side, and in the row right in front of me a Century (aka a 100-pound woman) also was in the window seat.  The seats next to both of us were empty.  A chubby, non-SCA man in his middle to late 20’s came walking down the aisle toward me looking for a seat.  He was going to sit next to the Century, right?  That would give him more room, plus he would pass by her row before he got to mine. Perfectly logical that he’d sit next to her.  As you might have guessed, logic went right out the window … okay, a strained metaphor, as train windows don’t actually open, but you get the point.  Mr. Chub passed right by the Century’s row and plopped down next to me. To add insult to injury, a skinny man – call him a Century and a Quarter – walking right behind him sat next to the Century.  So picture the situation: in one row, you have a Century and a skinny man, with plenty of room to spare, and in the next row you have me, squashed uncomfortably next to an overweight, marshmallow-y man.  Do the Fates hate me or something?  At least things weren’t as bad as they could have been, as he managed to situate himself so that he didn’t infringe too severely on my space.  It was still a tight squeeze, however.  One other not-bad thing is that the 15-minute delays that the Ronkonkoma station PA had been announcing (“Police action at Wyandanch”) never came to pass and we got to Penn on time.  The police action turned out to have been a man who slashed himself with a razor on the Wyandanch platform and then tried to board a train, of all crazy things.  The police hauled him away to the hospital (and later, I suspect, the laughing academy), but the train in question had to be held for about a half-hour to be cleaned.  Only on the LIRR.  Oh, while I got to Penn on time, I had to wait almost ten minutes for an A train to Broadway-Nassau.  The Eighth Avenue line’s misbehavior continues unabated.

Getting home was a comparative breeze.  No significant wait for an A train, and the man who sat next to me on the 5:22 to Ronkonkoma was much smaller than his morning counterpart.  He spent most of the ride playing a handheld football video game.  As for me, I spent most of the ride reading, and playing several mediocre games of cell phone Tetris.

Gym: a rest day today, which worked out well because I wanted to watch the election results.

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