Tuesday, November 25

The cleanup still isn’t done

Cleanup of Sunday’s boo-boo at Jamaica still wasn’t completed today.  Of course the LIRR has issued a statement praising its workers who’ve been toiling away 24 hours a day at the site, and explaining why it’s really, really hard to fix all the damage to the tracks and third rail.  Well, I guess.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all that, but it still occurs to me that this incident wasn’t anywhere nearly as bad as it could have been.  Yes, one car was turned perpendicular to the tracks, but it remained upright.  What if several cars were on their sides?  How long would that take to clean up?  While I pondered these questions, I was able to take solace in the fact that like yesterday, none of my trains were delayed.  The shuttle was on time at Medford, as was the 6:56 from Ronkonkoma to Flatbush Avenue.  One odd thing that happened is that the train which approached the Ronkonkoma platforms from the yards, right after I got off the shuttle, was not the 6:56 at all, in fact it went right through the station without stopping at all.  This was unusual, as all the trains on the Ronkonkoma line make their first stops at Ronkonkoma, excepting one or two that originate from a siding near Farmingdale.  It must have been related somehow to the Jamaica incident.  As for the 6:56, it was an easy ride, no delays, and with a reasonably small 25ish woman sitting next to me at Deer Park.  She was wearing perhaps a bit more perfume than would have been ideal, but all in all she was far preferable to an elephantine SCA.  I played a number of games of cell phone Tetris, and noted with some amusement that she was playing a cell phone game too, something Space Invaders-ish.  Unlike yesterday, I didn’t get to see the cleanup work at Jamaica, as I was riding on the opposite side of the train and another train was blocking the view in any event.  Once at Flatbush I waited a tolerable five or six minutes for a 4 express to Fulton Street, and in sharp contrast to yesterday’s sardine can it was sufficiently uncrowded for me to be able to ride with some semblance of dignity.

I decided to avoid the Eighth Avenue line after work, walking a little farther to get a 3 express from Fulton to Penn. It was in that nether world somewhere between “crowded” and “crush load,” alas perhaps a shade closer to the latter.  At least it wasn’t a horror show like yesterday’s morning subway.  Only a few trains at Penn were being announced as canceled or delayed, so I decided to take the 5:22 to Ronkonkoma even though it isn’t a guaranteed connection to the shuttle.  It was an easy enough ride, I got an aisle seat next to a middle-aged woman who spent much of the ride on her cell phone.  Between her babble and a crying baby elsewhere in the car I was very appreciative of my iPod.  We got to Ronkonkoma on time, and the wait for the shuttle went quickly.

Gym: a 2.5-mile run on the treadmill at 5.5 mph, making 8.5 miles for the week so far, followed by 20 minutes on the stationary cycle at 18.7 mph.

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