Monday, December 22

Cold weather doesn’t deter riders

Today was cold, very cold, but that didn’t prevent the trains from being jammed.  I’d actually thought that ridership would be lighter than usual because of people taking Christmas week off from work.  That didn’t seem to be the case, however.  I was able to go into work a little later than usual and therefore drove to Ronkonkoma for the 7:32 to Penn.  When I arrived, at about 7:15, the 7:19 express was still at the platform, and before it left an M-3 consist came in from the yards and stopped at the other track.  That’s odd, I thought, because the 7:32 doesn’t enter the station under several minutes after the 7:19 leaves.  At least it meant that I’d be riding an M-3 consist and might have a shot at a single seat.  Think again, alas, because after less than a minute the M-3 reversed direction and went back to the yards.  I have no idea what was the story behind that.  The 7:32 arrived a couple minutes later, an M-7 consist, and I took a seat in one of the cars near the east end because I didn’t care to walk along the platform any longer than necessary in the cold.  The car filled up quickly, though it worked out okay for me because a small 40ish woman took the seat next to me at Central Islip and left me ample room.  What with the heavy coats most people were wearing, space was even more limited than usual … and believe me, it’s extremely limited in the M-7 torture seats.  The ride was uneventful except for a long stop, at least two or three minutes, at Wyandanch.  Once again, no idea why.  When we got to Penn I decided to take the 2/3 rather than the A/C because I was sitting closer to the Seventh Avenue side.  A 3 arrived after a short wait, and while it was crowded I appreciated the quicker ride as compared to the A and especially C.   Riding the 3 meant a considerably longer walk to my workplace, but I was able to walk through the underground passageways at Fulton/Broadway-Nassau, which while not sauna-like were a lot warmer than the street.

I decided to cast my fates with the 2/3 after work rather than deal with the Eighth Avenue line.  Another underground walk, another crowded 3, although this time it made a somewhat slower trip to Penn.  I got the 5:22 to Ronkonkoma, which was yet another cattle train.  I noticed this time a few family groups, undoubtedly a result of the holiday period.  A somewhat hippie-ish young woman (two nose piercings and one on the lower lip) sat next to me, and was no bother.  I spent most of the trip playing cell phone Tetris, with one good game and a couple of decent ones.

Gym: I started out with a 1.5-mile run on the treadmill at 5.7 mph, meeting my weekly 6-mile quota.  Next came some benching, with a more or less ad-libbed set and rep count: 6 x 135, 4 x 185, 2 x 205, 2 x 235, 6 x 225, 2 x 245, 5 x 225, 2 x 235, 4 x 225, 1 x 245, 3 x 225, 2 x 235, 3 x 225, 1 x 235, 3 x 225.  I think that’s what it was.  By my count it works out to a very satisfactory 34 reps at 225 or better.  I finished with Cybex overhead presses, 8 x 195, 8 x 200, 8 x 205.

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