Tuesday, December 23

As the year winds down

Only four commuting days left in 2008 after today. Of course, when you’re talking about the LIRR, four days can be an eternity, but that’s another story. Like yesterday I drove to Ronkonkoma to get the 7:32 to Penn. It was perhaps not quite as crowded as yesterday, but still quite busy. Also like yesterday, I rode fairly close to the east end of the consist. Not because it was so cold, today being slightly warmer than yesterday, but because I wanted to take the 2/3 to Fulton Street rather than deal with the Eighth Avenue line. An average-sized young man took the seat next to me at Brentwood and wasn’t too much trouble. He talked quite a bit on his cell phone, but my iPod covered up any excessive sounds. Unlike yesterday I didn’t see any standees in the car. We got to Penn on time, and I got a 3 to Fulton after a wait of about three or four minutes – longer than yesterday but still quite tolerable.

I’d been planning to get the 2/3 to Penn after work but ended up taking an A instead. Getting to the 2/3 platform at Fulton via the underground route requires walking along the A/C Broadway-Nassau platform, and while doing so an A pulled in and I decided I might as well just take it. Not only was that likely the quicker way to Penn, but it was an R-40 Slant consist, and the opportunities for riding those trains are rapidly coming to an end. I got to Penn quickly enough to get the 4:51 to Ronkonkoma. After I took a seat a woman sat next to me and almost immediately got up. Was I being “treated” to the Look of Love? It seemed unlikely, as the woman was in her 40’s at least, well past the age for doing that sort of thing. As it turned out, she sat across the aisle next to a woman she knew (they greeted each other), so it wasn’t a case of my scaring her off or anything. An older man took the seat, and while he initially tried to infringe in my space a bit a quick nudge with my left arm put and kept him in line. For a change I actually had a couple decent games of cell phone Tetris, and we got to Ronkonkoma maybe a few minutes late, no worse.

Gym: I started out with about 15 minutes on the heavy bag, maintaining a decent rhythm and hitting it pretty hard. A bit of a setback then occurred. I tried to do some deadlifts, but stopped almost right away because my lower back was a bit sore. It’s probably because I did trap bar deadlifts just two days ago. I salvaged something out of the session by doing neutral grip pull-ups, 1 x 10, 1 x 8, 4 x 6.  That makes 110 total reps for the week, which should be a decent quota amount.  I’ll use a Friday-Thursday cycle for this quota, to match what I do for running.  It works out well because Friday is the next day I’ll be able to go to the gym, what with Christmas Eve and Christmas.  I actually could use a couple days off.

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