Wednesday, December 24

Oh no, it’s my stop!
It was surprising to see how light ridership was this morning.  Even though it was Christmas Eve, I figured that most people would be going into work as usual.  I had some inkling that it would be different as I was driving to Ronkonkoma station, traffic being much lighter than usual, and any doubts were settled when I pulled into the station parking lot.  Spots were available at least three rows closer to the east end of the platform than is usually the case.  The 7:32 to Penn wasn’t remotely crowded, with the mid-consist car where I rode never getting above about 50% occupancy.  Needless to say no one sat next to me the whole way.  Once we got to Penn I decided to continue my pattern of taking the 2/3 rather than the Eighth Avenue line.  The choice worked out semi-okay today, for while a 2 came along in less than a minute it traveled very slowly between 14th and Chambers, probably negating any time advantage over the A/C.

I found out in the late morning that we’d be allowed to leave work at 3.  As I was planning on being picked up in Hicksville, another ride on the 2/3 (a 3 this time, and much faster than in the morning) got me to Penn in time to catch the 3:27 to Huntington, which stops in Hicksville.  It got quite crowded, and the fact that many people had luggage didn’t help the space squeeze any.  I was in an aisle seat next to a woman in her 40’s or thereabout, and noticed with some amusement that not only did she quickly conk off, but she actually began to snore.  I hear that occasionally from men, but hardly ever from a woman.  We were stopped at Carle Place when the woman woke up and practically jumped to her feet. It was obvious that she’d woken up just in time to realize that the train was at her stop.   I immediately got out of her way and she ran down the aisle just as the door-closing alarm was sounding.  She made it off, literally by no more than a couple of seconds.  I would imagine that was a much closer call than she desired!  The rest of the trip to Hicksville passed quickly and uneventfully.

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