Monday, December 29

The emptiest train ever

Wow.  I knew that LIRR ridership would be light this week, but I sure didn’t expect this. In the afternoon, that is.  Being able to go in a little later than usual I drove to Ronkonkoma for the 7:57 to Penn.  At 7:45 the south side parking lot was less busy than it would have been at 7 on a normal morning.  The 7:57 was lighter than most rush hour trains, but got moderately crowded as it made more stops.  I would say that the mid-consist car where I rode was about two-thirds full after the last pre-Jamaica stop at Mineola.  A woman who looked like  a somewhat younger version of Mariah Carey sat next to me at Deer Park and wasn’t any bother.  I spent much of the trip reading my latest book, Main Street by Sinclair Lewis.  We got to Penn on time, and I boarded a 3 train to Fulton with almost no wait at all. It was pretty empty too.

I was able to leave a bit early and got to Penn fairly quickly via a moderately crowded 2.  It got me there fast enough that I was able to get the 5:01 to Ronkonkoma with a minute or two to spare.  Now, this train follows another Ronkonkoma train by just ten minutes, so it’s usually not too crowded, but today was something else entirely.  No exaggeration, when we left Penn there were about ten other people in the car.  That is just incomprehensible for a rush hour train, in fact for any train.  It was so empty that even though I had an M-3 single seat, I switched to a more roomy regular seat after Jamaica because I knew no one would be sitting next to me … in fact, no one was within three rows of me.  Coupled with an on-time arrival at Ronkonkoma, it had to be one of the very best train rides in 11 years of LIRR commuting.

Gym: this wasn’t so wonderful, I was too worn out to do the leg work that I should have done yesterday.  Yet another day’s delay is not a good thing, trust me on that.  About all I could manage was 30 minutes on the stationary cycle, at 19.4 mph.

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