Wednesday, January 28

Ridership numbers

I took the shuttle from Medford on this snowy morning, changing at Ronkonkoma for the 6:56 to Flatbush Avenue.  It was an M-7 consist, which of course was a slight disappointment given the fairly high percentage of M-3’s used on that train, but it didn’t work out too badly for me.  A man of somewhat greater than average size took the seat next to me at Farmingdale, but he was much better behaved than I ever would have expected, being careful to avoid infringing on my space.  I spent most of the ride reading, with one or two games of cell phone Tetris, and we got to Brooklyn right on time.  I waited less than a minute for a 4 train to Fulton and had a seat after Borough Hall.  Can’t complain about that.

In what had become a rainy afternoon, I got a 2 from Fulton to Penn and then the 5:41 to Ronkonkoma.  Although the 2 was quite crowded, the 5:41 was a completely different story. It’s usually a cattle train, but today the mid-consist car where I rode was barely half-full.  None of the middle seats were occupied.  Even better, no one sat next to me the whole way, which is extremely rare on that train.  Or was it really better?  I thought about what the man at the gym had said to me last week, about how job losses were reducing ridership to a significant extent.  While the lessened crowding at the Ronkonkoma parking lot only partially bears out that observation, the relative emptiness of the 5:41 told a very different story. As far as I know there weren’t any schedule disruptions today that might have temporarily reduced ridership.  Nor was the morning’s weather bad enough to keep many people home.  I’ll have to be particularly observant whenever I take the 5:41.  Anyway, it was an easy ride to Ronkonkoma, mostly spent reading, and we got to Ronkonkoma and the shuttle on time.

Gym: Yet another ellipting “marathon” session, 40 minutes, 4.17 miles, 702 calories.

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