Friday, January 30

The remains of the (prior) day

When I rode the shuttle from Medford to Ronkonkoma yesterday morning I was eating some dry Raisin Bran that I had wrapped up in a paper towel.  Okay, store brand Raisin Bran knockoff, but that’s not the point. What is relevant is that I must have spilled some of the dry flakes on the seat when I exited the train. Today, 24 hours after the fact, what do I see on a train seat about where I’d been sitting yesterday.  Yep, that’s right, Raisin Bran.  Anyone who had sat in that seat would have brushed it off, so it’s apparent that the seat had been unoccupied on any of the shuttle’s other runs.  Doesn’t say much for ridership, does it?  At any rate, I once again did the 6:56 to Flatbush Avenue.  While it wasn’t late pulling into the yards, it was delayed for close to five minutes just east of Jamaica, for reasons never explained.  I was very relieved when we finally got into Jamaica, because the large though non-SCA man who had plopped down next to me at Farmingdale finally moved elsewhere.  What a relief!  Another bit of relief is that there was no repeat of yesterday’s long wait for a subway.  I waited under a minute for a 5 train to Fulton, though it was crowded almost to bursting.

We found out that we could leave work at 3:15, as a bit of thanks for today’s completion of a lengthy project.  Unfortunately that didn’t do me much good, as there’s only the one shuttle to Medford.  I left about 3:45 and took a C from Broadway-Nassau to West 4th.  That’s not far from where my workplace was located until last August, and as it wasn’t quite as cold as the last several days I figured I’d look around the old ‘hood for a bit.  I later got an E to Penn – a horrendously overcrowded E, I might add – and then the 5:41 to Ronkonkoma once again. It was definitely in cattle-train territory, though that might not mean much as Friday afternoons tend to be its busiest times.  It wasn’t a particularly pleasant ride.  a large man sat next to me (I’ve had bad luck in that respect for the past few days), though fortunately he got off at Hicksville.  Having finished The 10,000 Year Explosion in the morning I had nothing to read, and after yesterday’s new record my attempts at playing cell phone Tetris were distinctly uninspiring.  At least there weren’t any delays, and the shuttle was on time too.  Oh, the Raisin Bran was gone.

Gym: back to weights after a week off, though not to any great extent.  In fact the only weight exercise I did were kettlebell swings, 4 x 10 with the 50-pound kettlebell.  I had read that trying to control the downswing as best as possible, instead of just letting the kettlebell swing down unimpeded, makes the exercise even more exhausting.  It really did.  I then worked on the speed bag for a while, with some disappointment as the smaller sized bag I’d been using was gone … not surprising, as the cover had been falling apart.  I instead used a larger one, which being larger is more difficult, though after about 10 minutes I was getting the hang of it.  I also found out, the hard way, that if you stand too close to the bag your nose can be within its range when it rebounds.  Ouch!  After about 15 minutes on the bag I ran two miles on the treadmill.  Because I haven’t been using it much lately I kept my speeds slow, 5.5 mph for the first mile, then 5.4 mph for the next half-mile, and finally 5.3 mph for the last half-mile. It took just over 22 minutes.  I continue to stand by my assertion that X minutes running on the treadmill is the physical equivalent to 1.5X minutes on the stationary cycle and 2X minutes ellipting.

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