Wednesday, February 18

Guess it really is a busy train

Today I once again had the chance to go into work a bit later than usual, and once again I got the 7:57 from Ronkonkoma to Penn. I was curious to see whether it would be as crowded as it was yesterday. To provide a good basis for comparison I rode in one of the easternmost cars in the consist, just like yesterday. My conclusion: it indeed is a crowded train. Yesterday might not have been a completely normal day, what with the end of the long weekend, but today certainly was normal. Just like yesterday most of the middle seats were taken by the time we got to Jamaica. Also just like yesterday, most of the riders were women, including the one who sat next to me at Deer Park. It was a delay-free ride into Penn, and I had no wait at all for a 3 train to Fulton.

I’d been planning on taking the 5:41 to Ronkonkoma, but a short wait for a 2 train at Fulton got me to Penn just in time to catch the 5:22.  It was an M-3 consist, but no single seats were to be found.  It worked out okay, as I found an aisle seat next to a woman in her 40’s who neither squirmed nor babbled on her cell phone – what a surprise!  I was in the second car from the head end, much farther forward than I usually ride on that train.  Most likely that is why the car was jammed beyond cattle train levels.  All the middle seats were taken, as far as I could tell, and the vestibules were full of standees.  There was some talk on the PA about “permission from the tower,” and the train then made a quick unscheduled stop at Mineola.  What probably happened is that someone got on the wrong train, the 5:22’s normal first stop is Wyandanch, and the conductor must’ve been in an unusually charitable mood and agreed to let them off in Mineola.  It’s pretty rare for that to happen.  We got to Ronkonkoma on time, and I then had a long walk through the rain to my car … nothing like heavy rain to lengthen a walk.

Gym: Another new record, 3.4 miles running on the treadmill.  This makes 12 miles for the week, double my quota.  I did the first two miles at 5.5 mph and the rest at 5.4 mph.

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