Monday, February 23

32 minutes?  No thanks.
I’m quite accepting of delays.  Really, I am.  Ten minutes, 15, even 20, I can tolerate that.  But my patience, if indeed patience is the proper term, is not unlimited.  I arrived at Medford station this morning to an unusual sight.  A couple of the regular riders were walking down the stairs from the platform.  Was the shuttle not running or something?  I was about to ask, when I heard the PA announce that the shuttle was running 32 minutes late. That was a little too long for me, especially since it could grow longer.  While I usually don’t mind being late on Monday mornings, today was different because I had a very busy day ahead of me.  The fact that it was a Monday was relevant in another way, as it made the thought of dealing with Ronkonkoma SCA’s especially unpalatable. There was no way I’d be able to get to Ronkonkoma in time to get the 6:56 to Flatbush Avenue, and therefore would have to deal with the SCA-filled 7:04 or 7:19.  I made a quick decision to drive to Patchogue, figuring that if I took an abbreviated lunch hour I’d be able to leave in time to get the 5:09 dual mode.  I got the 7:00 to Babylon, a very lightly used train, and then switched to a Flatbush Avenue train.  It was sort of funny, the Penn Station train that leaves Babylon just a few minutes after the Flatbush Avenue train was crowded – Babylon is a busy station – but the Flatbush train was nearly empty. I’ll bet that many of the people cramming onto the Penn Station train were heading to lower Manhattan, and didn’t realize that going to Flatbush would get them into work just as fast or even faster.  But hey, it’s better that they don’t know, as I had a nice uncrowded ride into Brooklyn, with no one sitting next to me the whole way.  It was an M-3 consist, though I couldn’t get a single seat, but of course it worked out fine.  Besides, it’s interesting to watch all the activity along the Sunrise Highway.  The train made stops until Seaford, then ran express via the St. Albans route to Jamaica.  I had a wait of only two or three minutes for a 5 train to Fulton, and got to my workplace only about ten minutes later than I would have gotten there had the shuttle been on time at Medford.

I took only about a 15-minute lunch hour and left work in time to get the 5:09.  Missing that train would not have been good, given the lousy evening schedule to Patchogue.  To my surprise I actually got a seat on a 3 at Fulton.  The 5:09 was moderately crowded, and as always a nice ride.  It went via the Central Branch, which seems to be the usual routing.  I spent most of the ride reading (Atlas, the autobiography of Teddy Atlas) and playing a few games of cell phone Tetris.  When all was said and done  I got home about ten minutes earlier than I would have arrived had I gone from Medford.

Gym: I wasn’t able to arrive until quite late, and decided to skip running and just do neutral grip pull-ups.  These worked out just fine, as I managed a total of 72 reps, a new record: 6 x 6, 9 x 4.  This made 128 for the week, well over my quota of 110.  I am a bit behind schedule in terms of running, as I have to do four miles in the next three days to meet my 6-mile quota.  Shouldn’t be a problem.

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