Thursday, March 26

I guess that’s giving back something

It should go without saying that I’m still seething with anger about the LIRR’s proposed fare hikes.  Having to pay more for wretched service, when the LIRR’s unions and management are making no sacrifices at all … arggh!  I was half-expecting some sort of commuting catastrophe today, some sort of karmic adding of insult to injury.  To my pleasant surprise, it turned out to be a very good day, both morning and evening.  After arriving on the shuttle from Medford, I saw that the 6:56 from Ronkonkoma to Flatbush Avenue was an M-3 consist.  A bit of fast footwork snagged a single seat for myself.  Yay.  It was a very easy, stress-free ride into Brooklyn, no delays of any sort, mostly spent reading. I then waited less than a minutes for a 4 train to Fulton and had a seat the whole way.  Double yay.

After work was another comparative breeze.  A quick ride on a 3 from Fulton to Penn, then the 5:41 to Ronkonkoma, with a smallish, quiet, non-squirmy woman of about 40 sitting next to me. I finished reading Condor, and had a couple decent games of Tetris.  No delays of any sort to Ronkonkoma and the shuttle.  Don’t get any mistaken ideas, I’m still hopping mad about the fare increases, but maybe a slight degree less angry than I had been.

Gym:  I was planning on doing some treadmill work, but for a variety of reasons I was unable to make it.  At least I got my six miles for the week.

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