Wednesday, April 22

I’m glad I couldn’t identify that smell

A fine start to the day, in LIRR terms, as after arriving on the shuttle from Medford I saw that the 6:56 to Flatbush Avenue was an M-3 consist.  I was able to get a single seat, though not without a bit of effort – the single seats were taken in the first two cars I checked, and the one in the third car looked broken as the bottom cushion had slipped forward several inches.  Fortunately I was able to push it back in place and enjoyed a nice easy ride into Brooklyn.  The car was more crowded than is usual for the 6:56, with many of the middle seats taken, though that might be because it was closer to the head (west) end of the consist than where I usually ride.  Sitting near that end of the train can be more convenient if you are getting the 2/3 train in Brooklyn or walking from the station to most destinations.  I went to the 4/5 platform as usual, and in less than a minute boarded a 4 train to Fulton.  There was an odd smell in the car, something not particularly pleasant, but I couldn’t identify exactly what it was.  When we stopped at Bowling Green, however, all of the people sitting or standing in one end of the car either got off to board other cars or went to the other end of the car, where I was standing.  Some of them were holding their noses or covering their noses with tissues.  Whatever the smell was, I could smell it more distinctly, and it was definitely not something nice.  I figured that it must’ve been related to a skell sitting in the now-deserted end of the car, but there was too much crowding to see if there was, in fact, such a skell.  It’s still a reasonable deduction, however.  The train then got to Fulton and I got off, puzzled as to just what the aroma was.  Maybe it’s best not knowing.

Getting home was odor-free in comparison.  I waited a bit longer than usual for a 2 from Fulton to Penn, in the five-minute range, but the ride was without any delays. I got the 5:22 to Ronkonkoma, a definite cattle train today, though a smallish woman of about 35 sat next to me so I had enough room.  I spent most of the trip reading, and it seemed to go by quickly.  That impression was quite accurate, as we actually got to Ronkonkoma three or four minutes ahead of schedule – definitely NOT typical LIRR performance!  I didn’t mind that the wait for the shuttle was therefore a bit longer than usual.

Gym: day off tonight.

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  1. New York City at its finest.

    They don’t call it the city that never SWEEPS for nothing.

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