Tuesday, June 23

A feast of M-3’s

One of the relatively few things that makes LIRR commuting semi-tolerable is not having to deal with the M-7 torture seats.  If you happen to be a midget anorectic quadruple amputee, the seats are okay; for everyone else, they’re beyond horrible.  Today, however, I was spared such horrors.  Upon arriving at Ronkonkoma on the shuttle from Medford, I was pleased to see that the 6:56 to Flatbush Avenue was using M-3’s.  I would’ve been happy even if no single seats were available, but as luck would have it I was able to get one of the highly coveted seats for a very easy ride into Brooklyn. During the day I found out that there were some delays between Jamaica and Penn due to a derailed Amtrak (but of course!) train that was fouling Track 13 at Penn, which is one of the LIRR’s usual tracks.  It didn’t delay us through Jamaica and I didn’t hear any announcements.  We arrived in Brooklyn right on time, and I waited only a minute or two for a 5 train to Fulton.  The subway station adjoining the Flatbush Avenue terminal, Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street, may soon be renamed “Barclays Station” as part of a naming rights sale.  First sports arenas, now subway stations.  What’s next?

After work I had a quick ride on a 2 from Fulton to Penn.  There were some track-change announcements being made, as a result of the Amtrak problem, and a couple of trains on the Babylon line were canceled, but the 5:22 to Ronkonkoma was on its usual Track 15 and left right on time.  It was yet another M-3 consist.  While no single seats were available, I got a window seat on the 2-across side and a woman of about 50 soon took the aisle seat. True, I didn’t derive the full benefit of riding an M-3, because she wasn’t very large and would not have infringed on my space even on an M-7, but it’s still nice to have one.  There were no delays to Ronkonkoma and the shuttle, and I spent most of the time reading.

Gym: a quick visit tonight.  I began with Hammer Strength decline presses, 6 x 330, 8 x 310, 3 x 8 x 300.  I then ran just one mile on the treadmill at 5.8 mph, this being enough to meet my weekly 6-mile quota, and finished with kettlebell swings, 3 x 10 with the 50-pounder.

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