Monday, June 29

Amazing, an LIRR rider who should gain some weight

I’d been planning on driving to Ronkonkoma this morning to get the 7:32 to Penn, but that was not to be.  For a variety of reasons I was late in getting out of the house and then ran into some unexpectedly heavy traffic on the Expressway.  By the time I pulled into the parking lot it was just before 7:30, and there was no way I was going to make the 7:32 even if I ran.  Not that I would run, as running for trains is  a hopelessly SCA thing. I could have made the 7:40 to Flatbush Avenue, but not being in any particular hurry I waited for the 7:57 to Penn.  It wasn’t a bad trip at all, moderately crowded but delay-free.  A woman in her 30’s took the seat next to me at Deer Park or Wyandanch (I don’t remember which) and was no bother at all.  I waited less than a minute at Penn for a 2 train to Fulton and actually had a seat the whole way.  Even though it’s a short ride, having a seat is nice.

To my mild surprise I also had a seat the whole way after work, on a 3 from Fulton to Penn.  Must be the summertime ridership decline.  I got the 5:22 to Ronkonkoma, which didn’t seem particularly crowded, in fact I had hopes that the seat next to me would be empty the whole way.  Just before departure, however, a blonde woman wearing a rather short dress took the seat.  Something seemed off about her.  After a few minutes it dawned on me – her legs were thinner than they should have been.  I wouldn’t say that she was anorectic, and at about 30 (as best I could tell) she was a bit old for such conditions, but she would have looked much better with another 10 to 15 pounds.  Too bad she couldn’t “borrow” some avoirdupois from an elephantine SCA.  It was another easy enough ride to Ronkonkoma – space was clearly no problem – though my repeated attempts at playing Tetris met with a distinct lack of success.

Gym: oh, no. Call me naive, but I thought that air conditioning had been invented decades ago.  Apparently no one ever told the management of Ultimate Fitness.  It had to be a good 85 degrees in the place, which is utterly ridiculous for a gym.  Somehow I managed to run 2.5 miles on the treadmill, though I had to take a break of about five minutes after the first 1.5 miles.  I did the first 1.5 miles at 5.9 mph and the remaining post-break mile at 5.8 mph.  Memo to self: wearing thick sweat pants instead of shorts is not a smart idea when the gym is a furnace.  After the treadmill, I did kettlebell swings, 3 x 10 with the 50-pounder.  While I had wanted to do some Hammer Strength MTS rows, I was just too drained to do any.

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