Tuesday, July 21

Rump consistency

Got the shuttle from Medford today, and then the 7:19 from Ronkonkoma to Penn.  Taking the 6:56 to Flatbush Avenue wasn’t an option because it was using M-7’s today, and there looked to be a big mob of people waiting for the 7:04.  It turned out that the 7:19 also was a cattle train.  For some reason, the summertime ridership slump was not in evidence today.  I got a window seat on the 7:19 and moments later a 30ish woman sat next to me.  She was definitely wide-bottomed, with rump tissue pushing up against me, but it was no big deal because the aforesaid rump tissue was soft and squishy.  Had it been as firm as on the woman who (briefly) sat next to me yesterday, it would have been an unpleasant tight squeeze for me.  No, I do not care to speculate why two different women of about the same size were so different in that respect.  There weren’t any delays, and I spent most of the ride reading.  I waited just a minute or two for a 3 train to Fulton.  What was a bit unusual is that when I got out of the subway at Fulton, it was raining heavily, so after getting something from a deli right by the entrance (at the corner of Fulton and William streets) I went back into the subway – no extra cost as I have an unlimited ride Metro Card – and walked underground through the station complex for two blocks, exiting at Fulton and Broadway.  That’s much closer to my workplace and I didn’t get soaked.

It wasn’t raining any more when I left work, so I walked to Park Place and got a 2 train to Penn.  I then got the 5:41 to Ronkonkoma, an easy ride with an average-sized woman of about 35 taking the seat next to me just before departure.  The train was moderately crowded, though a bit short of the morning’s cattle train.  I tried reading but couldn’t really get into it, so I played Tetris most of the way.  It was pouring rain when we got to Ronkonkoma, so I got quite wet in the 50 or so feet to the shuttle.

Gym: day off.

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