Monday, July 27

Hipster alert!
Of all the demographic groups I encounter on the trains, urban hipsters are a distinctly uncommon one.  They seldom venture into the wilds of suburbia.  Today, however, I sat next to them both in the morning and the afternoon, surely a record.  Being able to go in a bit later, I drove to Ronkonkoma for the 7:32 to Penn.  While the parking lot wasn’t at all crowded, the train itself was a different story, a total cattle train.  In the car where I was riding, third from the rear of the consist, there were standees after Deer Park.  The 25-ish man who sat next to me at Deer Park had that urban hipster look about him, a look that’s hard to describe but relatively easy to identify.  Hey, he was a vast improvement over an SCA.  Had he boarded at Ronkonkoma I would have figured he was a city dweller (especially from Williamsburgh, hipster central) who had spent the weekend in the Hamptons, but that wouldn’t be likely as he boarded at Deer Park and in any event had no luggage.  I spent most of the time reading (Title Shot, by Kelly Crigger) and unlike Friday’s trip on the 7:32 we got to Penn on time.  No subway troubles, as I boarded a 3 train to Fulton after waiting less than a minute).

The subway after work was less satisfactory, as though I boarded a 2 train at Fulton after just a couple minutes’ wait the conductor must have been LIRR-trained as he/she waited at least 15 seconds to open the doors at each stop.  Subway conductors generally open the doors almost as soon as the trains come to a stop.  I got the 5:41 to Ronkonkoma, finding an aisle seat on the crowded train next to a different 20-something man who once again had that hipster look about him.  I was half-expecting him to be drinking from a can of PBR.  Once again I read, and also had a surprisingly good game of Tetris.

Gym: some decent upper-body work with a bit of treadmill running.  Dips: 10 x bodyweight + 45, 10 x bodyweight + 50, 10 x bodyweight + 55, (later) 3 x 10 x bodyweight.  Hammer Strength MTS rows: 8 x 120/120, 3 x 8 x 110/110.  My knees were still a bit sore but I managed to run 1.5 miles on the treadmill at 6.2 mph, enough to make my weekly six-mile quota.

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