Thursday, July 30

Where was everybody?

I have completely given up trying to make sense of LIRR ridership levels.  Once again today I took the 7:04 from Ronkonkoma to Penn, after arriving on the shuttle from Medford (by the way, it’s the 7:04, not the 7:06 like I’ve been calling it).  Tuesday it was a cattle train and yesterday it was slightly more tolerable but still packed.  Today?  Even though I rode in about the same part of the train as the last couple of days, the car was practically a ghost town.  There were many, many empty seats even after the last stop at Bethpage, and I am pleased to report that the seat next to me was among them.  I cannot think of any factors that would cause such dramatic ridership number shifts within two days.  But hey, it was all good for me, and I had a very nice easy ride into Penn.  I waited less than 30 seconds for a 2 train to Fulton, making it all even better.

Lack of crowding was the afternoon’s theme too.  After arriving at Penn on a 3 from Park Place, I got the 5:41 to Ronkonkoma just like I’d done yesterday and Tuesday, but unlike those days it was not crowded in the least.  About two-thirds full, I’d say, and once again this is for around the same part of the consist as earlier.  A young, non-SCA man sat next to me as far as Hicksville but was no trouble, and for the first time in weeks I broke 100,000 on Tetris.  There was a bit of no-reason-given slow running through Brentwood, so we got to Ronkonkoma and the shuttle about five minutes late.

Gym: another dip marathon, so to speak.  Someone else was using the dip belt when I arrived, and after briefly debating whether to wait I decided to see how many plain bodyweight dips I could manage.  The answer was 90 – 9 x 10 x bodyweight.  Next week I might go for 100.  I also used the Hammer Strength MTS row, 8 x 120/120, 2 x 8 x 110/110, 2 x 8 x 105/105.

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