Monday, August 17

Getting the 5:01 once more

All in all, not too bad of a day. Like on Friday, I drove to Ronkonkoma for the 7:32 to Penn; unlike on Friday, I did not have an empty seat next to me.  I was riding in the easternmost car in the consist and it actually got quite crowded even before we left the station.  A 40-something woman sat next to me and despite being rather wide-bottomed was not troublesome.  Such infringement into my space as may have occurred involved soft rump tissue (SRT) which, as I have previously noted, has an ability to bend around obstacles (i.e. me) rather than press hard up against them.  My recent observations about the changes in ridership demographics were borne out quite well by the occupants of the car.  There was a mixture of women and casually dressed men, with SCA’s being few and far between.  I spent most of the ride reading, and we got to Penn right on time.  The wait for a 3 train to Fulton was just a minute or two, the kerfuffle on the 1 line in upper Manhattan – part of the ceiling in one of the stations actually collapsed – having occurred north of the point where the 1 diverges from the 2 and 3 and therefore having no effect on the latter two.  1 train service, as you might imagine, was a different story.

I worked through lunch hour and left in what I thought would be ample time to get the always-uncrowded 5:01 to Ronkonkoma.  Well, I made it, but just barely, thanks to a long wait for a 2 train at Park Place.  It was close to ten minutes, which is almost unheard-of for the 2 and 3 in the afternoon, of course there were no announcements.  When the train finally arrived, it also was the proverbial cattle train, which is what I’d been expecting.  I got on the 5:01 no more than a minute before departure.  That would have meant no seats (well, except middle seats, which I refuse to take) on just about any other train, but on the wonderfully uncrowded 5:01 it meant my choice of seats and no one sitting next to me the whole way.  We were ten minutes late getting into Ronkonkoma due to some slow running between Mineola and Hicksville.  There were no announcements on the train, it was only after getting off the train at Ronkonkoma that I heard the station PA announcing a reason (the dog ate my homework-ish “signal problems”)  Why no on-train announcement?  I really, really wish I knew the answer. Guess “typical LIRR incompetence” will have to do.

Gym: Some pretty good dips, 10 x bodyweight + 50, 10 x bodyweight + 55, 10 x bodyweight + 60, (later) 4 x 12 x bodyweight.  I tried some at bodyweight + 65 but it didn’t happen.  In between the weighted and unweighted dips I ran one mile at 5.8 mph, not much of a distance but all I really wanted to do after yesterday’s 3.5 miles.

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