Tuesday, August 25

Getting busier

I was surprised at the crowding on the trains today.  While they weren’t quite back to non-summer ridership levels, they were definitely past the lower point of the summertime slump.  It makes sense, as most people are done with their summer vacations. I got the shuttle from Medford as usual, then the 7:04 from Ronkonkoma to Penn.  Platform crowding was such that I almost decided to wait for the 7:19.  The mid-consist car on the 7:04 where I rode was pretty much SRO after the last stop at Bethpage, even the middle seats were occupied.  A 40ish man wearing workingman’s clothes and carrying a tool bag took the seat next to me at Deer Park.  He wasn’t small, probably somewhere north of 200 pounds, but did not infringe on my space at all.  I did more reading, and the ride to Penn went by without delays.  I didn’t have to wait long for a 3 train to Fulton, but like yesterday’s subway the air conditioning was desultory at best.

My after-work subway ride, on a 2 from Park Place, was a good news/bad news situation.  The good news is that the AC was nice and cool, the bad news is that it was hugely crowded and I spent most of the (mercifully short) ride crushed up against other people.  Blecch.  The 5:41 to Ronkonkoma was crowded, if not quite to the morning train’s level, with about half of the middle seats taken as far as I can tell.  One amusing thing is that while waiting on the platform, I could clearly see a text message on the iPhone of a woman standing in front of me; the sender had written “at Wal-Mart buying antifreeze, using weed money” (emphasis mine).  Guess someone won’t be having a fun night, though at least their car will be winterized.  Speaking of weed, the young hippie-ish woman who sat next to me looked as if she wasn’t entirely unacquainted with that particular substance, though of course I’m stereotyping a wee bit.  The ride to Ronkonkoma and the shuttle went by quickly, no delays like yesterday.

Gym: decent upper-body work.  I wanted to do weighted dips, but the dip belt was nowhere to be seen and I had to do bodyweight ones.  At least I did a lot of them, 90 reps to be precise, 6 x 15.  I also did neutral grip pull=ups, 4 x 6, 4 x 4.

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