Wednesday, August 26

Is summer over?

It sure seems that way, if train ridership levels are any guide.  It’s my definite impression that the summertime ridership slump has ended and the trains are back to normal crowding levels.  I was able to go in a little later today, and drove to Ronkonkoma for the 7:32 to Penn.  I rode in the fourth car from the east end, and at least half the seats were full even before we left Ronkonkoma.  By the time we got to Jamaica all the middle seats were full and there were a handful of standees.  One demographic shift was still in evidence, with well over half of the riders being women, as far as I could tell.  It’ll be interesting to see if the gender shift persists after summer’s officially over.  A woman in her mid-20’s took the seat next to me just before we left Ronkonkoma and was no bother at all, it was one of those situations where I scarcely took notice of her presence.  That would definitely not be the case with an elephantine SCA.  I read more of The Match and the ride went by quickly, even given all the stops the 7:32 makes. The wait for a 3 train to Park Place was well in excess of what’s acceptable for rush hour, close to ten minutes by my estimate, and it goes without saying that the station PA remained silent.  Not that any announcements would have been comprehensible, of course.  The ride to Park Place was miserably crowded, though the station escalator that had been out of service last week was working again.  Clearly a record for subway escalator repairs.  As of about a year ago, an escalator at Borough Hall station in Brooklyn had been broken for more than two years, in fact it may still be kaput.

I had a much better subway trip after work, with a very short wait at Fulton Street for a not-crowded 2 to Penn.  The 5:22 from Penn to Ronkonkoma was moderately crowded, with some but not all of the middle seats taken in the mid-consist car where I rode.  It’s difficult to say how this compared to non-summer ridership because I haven’t taken this train too often in recent months.  Once again there was a high proportion of women, if not quite to the extent of the morning’s train, and a middle-aged woman sat next to me.  She did quite a bit of cell phone yakking, but my iPod mitigated the assault on my eardrums.  Besides, she was one of the very rare train riders who talks on the phone at a normal volume, instead of bellowing as most people do.  I played a couple games of Tetris, without too much luck, and read a bit more.  We got to Ronkonkoma right on time.

Gym: a two-mile run on the treadmill at 5.8 mph, making my weekly 6-mile quota, and then some neutral grip pull-ups, 5 x 5.  I’ve really been building up the numbers on these.

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