Thursday, August 27

Odd numbers

Strange.  I took the same trains today as I did yesterday, sitting in around the same parts of the consists, and yet ridership seemed notably less. Can’t explain why. The car on the 7:32 wasn’t more than a third full when we left Ronkonkoma and never got much beyond two-thirds full.  I thought for a while that no one would sit next to me, but a chubby woman in her 30’s took the seat at Wyandanch.  What with the soft, flowing nature of women’s rump tissue, the aforesaid rump tissue pushed into me a bit, but not to an annoying sense.  What I was most thankful for is that other riders in the car were quiet, as I’d left my iPod at home.  I was able to get quite a bit of reading done and the ride went by quickly enough.  I waited no more than a minute for a 3 train to Fulton, and actually got a seat, though on the downside there was a faint but unpleasant smell in the car. No idea what it was, except that it didn’t seem to be the typical skell odor.

I had an odor-free ride on a 2 from Park Place after work.  With a bit of time to spare, I went to a vendor at the corner of 33rd and 8th who sells barbecued meat on a stick.  He’s one of the better food vendors in the area, admittedly the competition isn’t what you’d call strong.  In any event, there were at least a hundred girls in the (roughly) 12 to 16 age range hanging around the stage entrance to Madison Square Garden near the corner, presumably hoping to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift on her way into a concert.  Many of the girls were wearing the rather strange combination of (almost indecently) short shorts and cowboy boots.  A decade ago, there probably would’ve been similar crowds for the Spice Girls, though maybe without the cowboy boots.  In any event, I got the 5:22 to Ronkonkoma, which was even less crowded than the morning’s train, in fact no one sat next to me the entire way.  There were some rather loud cell phone talkers in the car, I really missed my iPod, fortunately the ride went by quickly.

Gym: I was very pleased with tonight’s session.  It started out with the deadlift routine, 5 x 255, 5 x 295, 7 x 315. Right on the very first rep at 255 I knew it was going to go well.  Next came yet more neutral grip pull-ups, 4 x 5.  I’ve done them three days in a row, pull-ups being one of the relatively few exercises that can be done so frequently.  I ended the session with squats, getting good depth on all of them: 8 x 225, 8 x 265, 8 x 285, (wraps on) 8 x 305, (wraps off) 8 x 255.

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