Wednesday, September 23

Never did that before

I must be getting more feisty.  Usually, when large SCA’s plop down next to me I just suffer in silence, not actually doing or even saying anything.  Today, however, was different.  As the shuttle from Medford passed through the Ronkonkoma yards I saw a couple of M-3 consists.  This lead me to skip the 7:04 to Penn, in hopes that the 7:19 would be using the M-3’s.  Alas, it was using M-7’s, and disaster nearly resulted when a very large (non-SCA) man plopped into the seat next to me moments after I sat down.  For reasons I can’t quite articulate, the thought of being squashed all the way into Penn was even more intolerable today than it usually would be.  I immediately got up, giving him quite a surprise, and went into the next car to find another seat.  Call this being pro-active, or taking charge of the situation, or whatever.  It worked, too, as a much smaller man took the seat next to my new spot and I had a reasonably decent ride into Penn.  The wait for a 3 to Fulton was a bit on the long side, and the train was jammed when it arrived, but I was so pleased with myself for my take-charge action that I wasn’t about to complain.

Getting home was uneventful and required no seat-changing on my part.  After a quick ride to Penn on a 2 from Park Place, I got the 5:41 to Medford.  An older woman sat next to me and didn’t infringe on my space at all.  Interestingly, and relevant to the space-infringement issue, she was going through Weight Watchers materials even though she didn’t seem overweight at all.  As had been the case in the morning, I spent most of the time reading, and the ride went by without any delays.

Gym: a 2-mile run on the treadmill, at 5.6 mph.

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