Hello old friend

It wasn’t so long ago that the 6:56 from Ronkonkoma to Flatbush Avenue was one of my regular trains.  In fact, I probably rode it more often than any other train from Ronkonkoma.  All that changed following my near-death experience on March 11, when I scarcely survived being squashed by an elephantine SCA.  I’m now so gun-shy that I won’t go anywhere near the 6:56 unless it’s using M-3’s, which is very rare.  Today after arriving on the shuttle from Medford, the 6:56 was not on the opposite platform as it usually is, on account of a late-running eastbound train.  I went to go to Dunkin’ Donuts to get a Diet Pepsi, when I saw to my extreme surprise that the 6:56, now pulling into the platform, was using M-3’s.  No way could this opportunity be passed.  Forgetting all about the Diet Pepsi, I made a beeline to the 6:56 and actually was able to get a highly coveted single seat.  I was able to enjoy a very nice ride into Brooklyn.  The mid-consist car got about two-thirds full at the maximum, and despite the 6:56’s usual reputation as the Flomax Express there actually were some reasonably young riders – no, not just people who were young in this train’s context, which means anyone under age 60, but people in their 20’s and 30’s.  Amazing.  About the only downside was upon arriving at Flatbush Avenue, when I realized that I didn’t have a full fare on my Metrocard.  The fare machines at the adjacent subway entrance all had long lines, so I went aboveground and entered the station complex by the Pacific Avenue entrance.  No lines there, and for variety’s sake I got an M train for the reasonably quick ride to Fulton.

Getting home was entirely uneventful, a quick ride on a 3 from Park Place followed by the 5:41 to Ronkonkoma.  It was moderately if not excessively crowded, and unlike the morning’s train was using the hateful M-7’s. A woman in her 30’s sat next to me, and her presence barely registered at all – an hour later I literally had no idea what she looked like.  That’s of course a good sign, as had she been noisy or annoying her presence surely wouldn’t have slipped under the metaphorical radar.  For some reason I couldn’t get into reading, and the charge on my cell phone was too low to play Tetris, so it was a boring though fortunately on-time ride to Ronkonkoma and the shuttle.

Gym: day off

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