Monday, September 28

A holiday benefit

Not being a Member of the Tribe, the fact that today was Yom Kippur normally would be of little or no consequence to me.  That was not the case, however, as LIRR ridership was somewhat lighter than usual, presumably for Yom Kippur-related reasons.  This became apparent when I arrived at Ronkonkoma on the shuttle from Medford, and there didn’t seem to be many people waiting for the 7:04 to Penn (I had to pass on the 6:56 to Flatbush as it was back to M-7’s).  No more than a quarter of the seats were filled when we left the station and things didn’t change much at the following stops.  I was hoping that no one would take the seat next to me, and once we left the last stop at Bethpage my dreams – modest as they were – they came true.  I was able to ride in (relative) comfort all the way into Penn, free of any SCA worries.  The subway ride proved far less pleasant.  The 2/3 platform was mobbed, and I barely squeezed onto a 3 when it arrived a few minutes later.  We got as far as 14th and just sat there with the doors open.  A few minutes went by, no announcements even though something obviously was wrong.  I finally gave up after about five minutes and took a 1 to Chambers Street, which is a reasonable walk to my workplace.   No 2’s or 3’s passed us all the way to Chambers.

Getting home was a comparative breeze, as I waited less than a minutes for an uncrowded 2 at Park Place.  There was a skell begging for money in the car, but no one was giving him anything and he got off at 14th.  As usual, I took the 5:41 to Ronkonkoma; as not so usual, it was using M-3’s.  Of course I made a beeline for the nearest single seat and got one.  It didn’t really matter, as the car was quite uncrowded, but it was still nice to have.  There weren’t any delays to Ronkonkoma and the shuttle.

Gym: I wanted to do leg work, but due to some back soreness (likely from the other day’s barbell rows) I decided that squats and SLDL’s probably wouldn’t be the best idea.  Accordingly, I started out on the Life Fitness seated leg press, 2 x 10 x 395.  I would’ve done more, but the machine seemed greatly in need of lubrication and it was very hard to use.  Instead, I used the horizontal plate-loaded leg press, for the first time in years, 10 x 360, 10 x 450, 6 x 450 (couldn’t make ten on the last set).  I finished with seated leg curls, 3 x 8 x 185.

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