Tuesday, October 20

Of course it won’t continue

It’s always nice when a train pulls up to the platform and it’s using M-3 cars instead of the M-7’s.  There’s the highly coveted single seat in each M-3 car, and more to the point the M-3 seats are somewhat wider than those on the M-7’s … okay, everything is wider than M-7 seats, but still.  Today was a double shot of M-3 glory, though of course I fully expect things to be back to the usual tomorrow with M-7’s.  After arriving on the shuttle from Medford, which like yesterday was a few minutes late, I was delighted to see that the 7:04 from Ronkonkoma to Penn was using M-3’s.  Platform crowding was quite heavy and I wasn’t expecting to get a single seat, as noted there’s just one in each car, but I was very lucky and actually got one.  So nice.  I had a very pleasant ride into Penn, in a car that got almost completely filled, though unfortunately my subway ride on a 2 to Park Place wasn’t as enjoyable.  It took nearly ten minutes to crawl from 14th Street to Chambers, with the conductor announcing that we were going slowly because of “train traffic ahead of us.”  Sure.  And the dog ate my homework.  I had waited three or four minutes for the 2 at Penn and the platform already was crowded when I arrived.  That means the train ahead of us was almost certainly at least seven or eight minutes ahead of us, which should not have delayed us.  It didn’t help that the train was totally packed, it was hard enough to breathe let alone move.  Getting off the train at Park Place was a huge relief.

I got a 3 from Fulton after work, following a wait of under a minute, and actually got a seat.  When we stopped at Chambers, a 50ish woman entered the car and right away I noticed that she looked totally worn out, as if she’d just been through a tough stressful day at work.  So worn out, in fact, that I was debating whether to offer her my seat.  But then I noticed that she took out a tissue and put it in her hand when she gripped the pole, in other words to prevent her hand from actually contacting the pole and getting all these terrible germs.  I find people who are all paranoid over germs and bugs and creepy-crawly things to be a bit, well, ridiculous, and I stayed in my seat for the rest of the ride.  Hey, she’s probably be afraid to let her posterior make contact with the germ-laden seat … which on second thought is maybe not a totally bad idea.  As for the rest of the trip, the 5:41 to Ronkonkoma was on Track 18 rather than the usual 19, and like the morning’s train was using M-3’s.  No single seat this time, but a fairly slender woman of about 50 – the same approximate age and build as the germophobe on the subway, though not the same person – took the seat next to me.  She was small enough that I would have been barely aware of her presence on an M-7; on the M-3, she might as well have been near the orbit of Neptune.  As with the morning’s ride I spent much of the time reading The Making of the Atomic Bomb. It occurred to me that the story is so interesting that I haven’t even thought about playing Tetris.  It also helped the ride to Ronkonkoma and the shuttle go by as quickly as could be hoped.

Gym: I started with pull=ups, once again the hands facing away version, 2 x 6, 4 x 5.  Then I ran one mile on the treadmill at 5.4 mph, the short distance and slower speed due to my three miles yesterday.  To finish the session I did some dips, 4 x 12 x bodyweight.  I should be doing some with added weight, but after having done the pull-ups that would be a bit too much, even though the exercises target different muscle groups.  Next time I’ll do the weighted dips first, pull=ups later.

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  1. There was a broken rail under the 2nd car of a #2 R-142 train, southbound just before Park Place. The rail literally shattered and was fairly new–go figure.

    We had a single-track #2 operation all night Monday from Wall Street to Chambers St. on Track 3. Tuesday morning Track 2 (SB Express) reopened in the derailment zone with a FIVE MPH restriction, pretty much the entire way from Chambers St. to Fulton St. There were actually three separate Slow Zones marked out in that area. The back-up on 2 and 3 service was predictable, and will probably continue until repairs are made.


    George Chiasson Jr.

  2. It’s a good thing trains go very slowly as they approach Park Place. I would imagine that a shattered rail in a higher-speed section could have had much worse results.

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