Friday, October 23

75% good

Today I came reasonably close to the Nirvana of having empty seats next to me the whole way.  Close enough for it to be a pretty decent day, all in all.  As has been my pattern lately I got the shuttle from Medford followed by the 7:04 from Ronkonkoma to Penn.  No M-3’s were to be seen in the yards, but it didn’t much matter because the seat next to me on the 7:04 was empty the entire trip. My best guess is that the car didn’t get more than about half-full.  I spent the trip reading more of the Making of the Atomic Bomb, not having played Tetris at all this week. Reading’s just more interesting.  We got to Penn on time, though I had a fairly long wait for a 3 to Park Place.  Probably close to ten minutes, though I hadn’t been timing it, and of course the car was hugely crowded.

No wait of any consequence for a 2 at Park Place after work, and no significant crowding either.  The 5:41 was somewhat more crowded than the morning’s train, but not by much.  An older, average-sized man took the seat next to me but wasn’t much of a bother, and he got off at Hicksville and no one took his place. Once again, I spent my time reading and the trip went by quickly enough.

Gym: day off

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