Monday, October 26

I could have done without today

It would be an exaggeration to say that today was a bad day.  I’ve experienced much worse, long delays and SCA crushings and all that, and today didn’t rise (sink?) to that level.  Nonetheless, it was a collection of low-grade annoyances that added up to a relatively poor overall experience.  The shuttle was on time at Medford, no complaints there, and the 7:04 from Ronkonkoma to Penn wasn’t too crowded at first.  It filled up gradually at the following stops, and in particular with a rather chubby woman of about 30 – I’m using “chubby” in an euphemistic sense – who sat next to me at Farmingdale.  It wasn’t a terrible squeeze or anything, not like the SCA horror show of March 11, and it was primarily her squishy rump tissue that flowed to the side and into me, but it wasn’t all that pleasant either.  Call it, say, a C+ or B-. We were about ten minutes late getting into Penn, most of the delay spent either at a dead stop or going very slowly in the Woodside area.  What made the situation annoying is that it was impossible to make out what the conductor was saying over the PA.  After only a few years in service many of the M-7 cars have poorly functioning or non-functioning PA systems.  I later found out that there were some problems with an Amtrak train in the tunnels.  After we got into Penn I made my wait to the 2/3 platform … and waited a long time for the next train.  It had to be close to ten minutes, of course the station PA didn’t announce anything.  When a 3 finally arrived it was hugely crowded and I just barely squeezed onboard.  The ride to Fulton seemingly took forever, with long door-closing delays at 14th and Chambers.  It’s somewhat disconcerting that the “old reliable” 2/3 line has been running into more and more delays in the past couple weeks.

I had another very crowded subway ride after work, this time on a 2 from Fulton, fortunately the wait was only a couple minutes.  As in the morning I spent the ride jammed up to people on all sides and barely able to move.  I was hoping that the 5:41 to Ronkonkoma would offer a pleasant ride, but that proved not to be the case thanks to a large non-SCA man who plopped next to me.  He wasn’t so much fat as just big overall, and barely fit into the allotted space.  He tried to muscle into my space to provide room for his meaty right arm, but I was having none of that.  I kept my left elbow pointed so that it poked into his side whenever he tried to push against me.  It was easy to tell that he was getting annoyed.  After about ten minutes he threw in the metaphorical towel and positioned himself so that he sort of leaned over the armrest on his left (aisle) side and kept contact with me to a minimum.  I finally was able to get back to my reading, and combined with some reading in the morning I’m now about 250 pages into The Making of the Atomic Bomb, up to about the mid-1930’s.  There fortunately were no delays, and the shuttle was on time too.

Gym: a 3-mile run on the treadmill at 5.4 mph.

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