Friday, October 30

At least it wasn’t cold

It was a bit surprising that the usually reliable shuttle was ten minutes late at Medford this morning.  The automatic PA announcement was reporting it to be on time, so I went up to the platform a couple minutes before its scheduled time.  The locomotive headlight can be seen a couple miles off to the east when it approaches, but this morning there was nothing to see.  Had it been colder I would have returned to my car to wait, but it was just warm enough that I figured I’d stay on the platform.  It got into Ronkonkoma just about 7, and the 6:56 to Flatbush Avenue had already departed.  The 7:04 to Penn made stops at Hicksville and Mineola to accommodate any shuttle riders heading to those stop, as the 6:56 makes them but the 7:04 normally does not.  What I don’t understand is why the dispatchers didn’t hold the 6:56 for an extra five minutes until the shuttle arrived.  Having the 7:04 make extra stops made it that late, or almost that late, and it’s a busier train than the 6:56.  Go figure.  In any event, I had a decent enough ride, with a 50ish woman taking the seat next to me at Deer Park.  It was a bit distracting because her hair (surely dyed) was a sort of purplish-red color that most definitely does not occur in nature.  If it had been a bit more garish she might have been on her way to an office Halloween party, but despite its odd shade it was too subdued to be part of a costume.  I just can’t figure out what led her to choose such a peculiar hue.  Mulling this over didn’t distract me from reading, as I made decent progress in The Making of the Atomic Bomb. I’m up to the point in 1938 and 1939 where some of the scientists are trying to get the U.S. government involved, aware that newly discovered nuclear fission may be used for weapons, but of course the government bureaucrats can’t grasp that point.  Sounds like the same sort of cluelessness that now characterizes LIRR management.  Some things never change, do they?  In any event, we got into Penn about five minutes late thanks to the aforementioned extra stops, however the wait for a 2 train to Park Place was less than a minute and the train wasn’t all that crowded.

More good luck on the subway after work, with a short wait for a 2 at Park Place and again not much crowding.  The 5:41 to Ronkonkoma seemed pretty jammed, with plenty of SCA’s in sight, fortunately an older man of normal size sat next to me and left me with sufficient room.  He was traveling with his wife, who was in the seat directly in front of him, and while they talked quite a bit my iPod came to the rescue.  I got more reading done, and we were in Ronkonkoma right on time.  Unlike the morning, the shuttle was on time too.

Gym: a 3-mile run on the treadmill at 54 mph.

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  1. Gym: a 3-mile run on the treadmill at 54 mph.

    How does the gym feel about this? I thought those things maxed out at 35 mph, tops. I doubt the gym would approve of your disabling the speel limiter. Steve Austin tried it once, look what happened…you don’t see him around anymore, do you??

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