Sunday, November 1

Whew.  A full-body session that went very well, except at the end.  I began with trap bar deadlifts, which for the time being I’ve settled upon as a substitute for squats.  Not that I dislike squats, but I like doing trap bar deadlifts more, and as they’re a reasonable alternative to squats I’ll probably stick with them for a while.  And I certainly did quite a few today: 8 x 225, 8 x 265, 6 x 285, 6 x 305, 4 x 315, 6 x 275, 8 x 255.  That’s 46 total reps, most definitely a lot for this particular exercise.  Next, I did some pull-ups, for variety’s sake going back to the neutral grip version instead of the hands-facing-away version I’ve been doing: 1 x 8, 3 x 6.  Neutral grips definitely are easier than the other version, probably because there’s more bicep involvement.  Next came dips, 4 x 12 x bodyweight.  The down note came at the end, when I tried SLDL’s.  A first attempt at 225 went nowhere, as did some experiments with successively lighter weights.  I finally was able to do some at a pathetic 145 pounds, 4 x 8 x 145.  Almost certainly that was because of all the trap bar deadlifts.  Even at such a light weight it’s better than nothing and I should be able to handle my usual amounts next time.

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