Saturday, January 23

Who’d have thought that my first experience with a major traffic tie-up would occur on a Saturday morning?  Heading into a 9 am training session, I noticed that the automated messageboards were announcing that the Expressway was closed from exits 48 to 46 and that all traffic had to use the service road.  Okay, I think, that won’t affect me, seeing as how I get off at Exit 49, which is a mile or more before Exit 48. I also noticed what at first looked like a dark cloud bank on the western horizon.  As I headed farther west I realized it was thick black smoke rather than clouds, though for some reason – my brain was a bit fuzzy, it being early and everything – I didn’t put two and two together and associate the smoke with the road closure.  What I did think is that maybe it would be better to be safe than sorry and therefore I should get off onto the service road at Exit 50.  After all, it wasn’t impossible that the delay could spill back as far as Exit 49 and end up delaying me.  Needless to say, I did not do that, and just after passing Exit 50 I encountered traffic that was barely moving at all. It took me over a half-hour to travel just one mile to Exit 49, which as it turns out was the exit where traffic was being diverted onto the service road.  I got to the training session almost 45 minutes late, fortunately so many other people were delayed that the instructor delayed the start of the session.  It turns out that a gasoline tanker had overturned and exploded in the eastbound lanes between exits 49 and 48, incinerating the driver and creating so hot of a fireball that a huge overhead gantry sign spanning the entire width of the road (and which contained one of those electric messageboards) came crashing down and nearly landed on some firefighters.   The westbound lanes were closed for almost ten hours, while the eastbound lanes actually had to be repaved and didn’t reopen until late at night.  Getting home at noon, at least, was easy.

Gym: all I did today was ellipt, but I did a lot of it – a full hour, at a decent pace and resistance level.  If the machine’s calorie counter is to be believed, I burned up over 1,000 calories.

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