Monday, January 25

Just because I no longer ride the Long Island Rail Road does not mean that I am unaffected by its world-class idiocy.  In fact, what happened today may well manifest a higher (lower?) level of idiocy than any of the typical smoke-condition-in-the-tunnels long delays.  A bit of background: in my prior job, I was enrolled in the LIRR’s Mail & Ride program, under which money for my monthly tickets was deducted from my pay and I got the tickets in the mail.  Lo and behold, what do I see in the mail today but my monthly ticket for February, notwithstanding the fact that I haven’t had any pay from which to deduct the fare since November.  I had gotten January’s ticket in late December, but attributed that to a possible time lag in pay schedules and ticket deductions.  No such time lag could account for getting the February ticket.  Basically, the only conclusion is that the LIRR is sending me $300+ tickets for free, all at a time when they’re constantly crying poormouth (the Ronkonkoma-Greenport shuttle that serves Medford has been proposed for the chopping block yet again).  I’ll send back the February ticket (and January’s, which I still have) to see if I can get refunds, though since I didn’t pay for either ticket any refunds will be found money.  While I’ll be spending far more on gasoline for my new job than before, I’m not about to complain.  Not having to deal with LIRR idiocy will be a metaphorical breath of fresh air.

Yoga at the gym tonight.  I’m really getting into it.

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