Tuesday, January 26

I went into work about 1:30 to take a company exam, passing which is a prerequisite for being allowed to take the state licensing exam. Westbound traffic on the expressway was about the same as it usually has been later in the afternoon.  I had thought it might be a bit lighter, but that wasn’t the case.  When I left around 4 – yes, I passed the test quite handily – I decided for variety’s sake to head south to the Southern State Parkway (technically called the Southern Parkway, but everyone adds the “State”), connecting to the Sunrise Parkway.  Traffic wasn’t too bad even though it was the start of rush hour, though the route was longer than taking the Expressway.  Still, it’s a useful alternative in case the Expressway is hors d’combat. There’s a connecting route between the Expressway and the Southern State, the Sagtikos Parkway, which makes the alternative more workable.

I had really wanted to go to the gym for some deadlifting and rows, but was just too worn out.

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  1. Yeah sometimes long days + driving eat into the weight training.

    Do you find gas expenses directly counteract train expenses?

    Here in L.A….I would have to use the Red Line about 20 times in order to break even, so I drive the rest of the time. I’ve reached a point of utter commuting equilibrium. Until the next gas crisis.

  2. My best guess is that a round trip to the new workplace uses about $5 in gasoline. At 20 trips per month that would be around $100, as compared to $300+ for the train. Not even close.

    Once I’m finished with training I’ll be spending some time on the road, which will result in additional gasoline spending. That can’t really be compared with train costs, as of course trains couldn’t be used for that sort of travel.

  3. No matter how worn out I am, it is hard for me to skip my daily workout. I think that I have become addicted to the gym.

  4. Of course $300+ takes you all the way to Manhattan on LIRR. Would be curious to know what the fuel difference is on a rush hour commute to Penn.

  5. Given the distance, my car’s fuel economy and the current price of gasoline, it probably would run me about $225 to $250 per month to drive into Manhattan every day. That’s assuming I used one of the East River bridges to avoid tolls on the Queens Midtown Tunnel. So it would be somewhat cheaper than taking the train, though not all that much, and of course parking and traffic would be major issues.

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