Saturday, January 30

Not much to do today, with the licensing test being over.  In fact I’m facing over a week of idleness until the intensive sales training begins on February 8.  Though I’ve passed the test, it will take a couple weeks for the state to issue the license, so I can’t yet do any sales solicitation. It’s been years and years since I’ve had so much time on my hands without any work-related responsibilities. Guess I’ll have to use the next week in a productive manner, in other words doing stuff other than watching junk on TV, playing Super Mario Galaxy, and of course wandering through the vast quagmire of the blogosphere.

Today’s gym session was relatively short but decent.  I did some more of the machine-related upper body exercises that I’d done the other day, still not being quite ready to take the plunge and resume bench presses.  Precor machine flies: 10 x 115, 10 x 120, 10 x 125, 10 x 130.  These went well and represented a decent weight increase from last time.  Life Fitness triceps pushdowns: 4 x 8 x 100.  This was a different machine than I used the last time and so the weight amounts aren’t directly comparable.  I also ellipted for 40 minutes at a reasonably fast pace with moderate resistance.

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