Friday, February 19

Today wasn’t a holiday,* but it sure seemed that way based on how little traffic I encountered.  Granted, I traveled a bit outside of rush hour, being at work from about 9:35 until 3:30, but one distinguishing feature of the Long Island Expressway is that heavy traffic conditions are by no means limited to traditional rush hours – witness the fact that the HOV lanes are in service from 6 to 10 in the morning and 3 to 8 in the afternoon/evening.  Today I encountered no slow stretches at all.  As for work, by next Thursday I have to memorize a script that’s probably about 700 to 800 words long.  It isn’t the sort of thing I’ve had to do in years, if ever, so it’s pretty clear that I’ll have to be doing a lot of practicing over the next several days!  One interesting thing about working in an insurance company office is that there are two distinct groups.  There are the staff people, who are salaried corporate employees and handle administrative duties, and there are the commissioned sales people like me, who technically speaking are self-employed and work under contract with the corporation.   No doubt there are certain dynamics in the way the two groups interact, though I haven’t been around long enough to pick up on them.  There probably aren’t many workplaces outside the insurance industry with a similar division; one not-quite-the-same example might be a police department’s headquarters, where the workers are divided between sworn police officers and civilian employees.

Addendum: it just occurred to me that there actually is a third type of employee.  Some of the more successful agents rent office space – in a few cases very nice office suites – in the building and hire their own secretaries and other staffers.

Gym: a decent 45-minute ellipting session.

* = okay, it’s the feast day of St. Conrad of Piacenza (thanks Wikipedia), but I highly doubt that has any effect on Long Island Expressway traffic patterns

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  1. You should ask for them to give you your Series 7 books and schedule you for the test a month out as soon as you can. In addition to giving you additional revenue opportunities, it will be a big help on your resume should things not workout there.

  2. I’ll be getting the study books in the next week or so. The company will pay the cost of the test if I pass it within the next four months, that shouldn’t be any problem.

  3. Why are you memorizing a script…or have I been too long away?

  4. I’m going through a career change and becoming a life insurance agent. As sort of the final exam for our training, we have to memorize a sales script and deliver it while being videotaped … which is *not* my idea of fun!

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