Thursday, February 25

Another slow trip into work today, once again close to the one-hour mark, though in today’s case there was an obvious culprit, namely the heavy rain that reduced visibility and made driving difficult.  There were no obviously slowdowns on the Expressway, just a general slowness.  I don’t think I made it much over 35 or 40 mph at any point during the trip.  Once I got into work all the parking spaces near the door were taken – but of course! – and since I’m not into the umbrella scene it was a very wet walk, or more appropriately run, into the building.  On a much better note, my sales presentation went very well, with the two managers who reviewed it giving it top ratings.  One of them was surprised to hear that I didn’t have extensive sales experience.  We’ll have to see how well it goes over with actual sales prospects.  The session was over by noon, and I had another slow trip home through the rain, which if anything had gotten even heavier (it turned to snow later at night).

Gym: it was deadlift time, and I went up 20 pounds from last week, to 265.  It was tough, much tougher than 245 had been, but I made it through and did 6 x 6 x 265.  Next week I’ll probably go up to 275 rather than all the way to 285.  I also ellipted for 30 minutes.

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