Monday, March 22

Today started out with a trip to the DMV.  Being it a Monday morning, it was a safe assumption that the office would be hideously overcrowded, right?  Wrong.  When I arrived at about 9:30 the crowding wasn’t bad at all.  The way the place is set up, you have to wait in a snaking-around line to be given a number, and then you take a seat in the waiting area until your number appears on a large message board directing you to a specific window.  I waited no more than five minutes to get the number and then about 10 to 15 minutes in the waiting area.  While I was in the waiting area I noticed – it would’ve been impossible not to notice – that one of the window clerks was hacking away as if she had a case of Ebola.  Now, I’m not one of these people who gets all paranoid about germs, in fact I enjoy ridiculing people like that (“Oh no, a microbe, I’m sure to die a hideous death!”), but nonetheless I was hoping that I didn’t end up at this clerk’s window.  I didn’t.

The drive to work around 3 pm was uneventful, although the message boards warned about a closed right lane near Exit 53 it must have reopened by the time I got there.  The 25-mile drive took me just over a half-hour.  One sort of odd thing happened at work.  I was in the hallway near the main entrance when I saw one of the managers showing this man around the place.  I hadn’t seen this man before, and given the way he was being shown around he probably was a visitor rather than an employee or agent.  All of a sudden he came up to me, shook my hand, and said “I’m sorry I don’t remember your name, but I know you, I’m [John Smith].”  I told him my name and asked from where he knew me.  He said it probably was from elsewhere in the industry, at which point I told him I was still new in the industry.  I told him the name of my former employer, but it wasn’t familiar to him.  Where “John Smith” knew me from, I just can’t imagine.  His real name was somewhat distinctive, in other words if I’d ever known someone by that name I’d remember the name even if not the person.  Sometime later the thought occurred to me that we might have gone to the same high school, but that’s relatively unlikely because I went to high school in Connecticut.  In any event, he seemed to be several years older than me, so we probably wouldn’t have been in high school at the same time.  He might have been a senior when I was a freshman, but of course seniors don’t take notice of freshmen, except perhaps to steal their lunch money.  Very strange.  I ended up leaving work around 7:30 for yet another easy trip home.  Had I left an hour or so later it would have been a more difficult trip, as by then it had begun raining very heavily.

Gym: I went in the early afternoon for a run on the treadmill.  Instead of going for a set distance I decided to go for a set time, in this case 20 minutes at 5.3 mph, about 1.75 miles.

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