Wednesday, March 24

Not much of the usual stuff to report today.  I didn’t go into the office, though I did some work over the telephone, and because it had been more than a week I decided to take a day off from the gym.  During the late afternoon we went to the newly opened Whole Foods near the Smith Haven Mall.  I’ve never been in a Whole Foods before and found it quite the experience, starting with the reserved parking spaces for carpools and hybrids, and then onto the signs proclaiming the lack of HFCS and trans fats in their products.  We weren’t in there long enough for me to come to any definitive judgment as to prices, though my impression is that the “Whole Paycheck” moniker is somewhat exaggerated.  But not entirely.

What surprised me most about Whole Foods was the large prepared food section, set out buffet-style, not to mention the seating area that’s the size of many restaurants.  Prices for prepared foods were most reasonable.  You don’t need your whole paycheck to buy in this section.  If I recall correctly, salads and other cold items were $7 per pound while hot items were $8.  There were all sorts of offbeat interesting stuff and everything looked good.  One thing I remember from my days working in Manhattan were the delis on almost every business-district block that had buffets at lunch, serving nearby office workers.  Just about all of these deli buffets – and trust me, I hit a lot of them over the years – couldn’t even hope to qualify as mediocre.  They served sad, institutional fare: starchy things like pasta and potatoes, bony chicken, fatty meats, limp overcooked vegetables, you get the picture.  The thing is, most of them were in the same price range as Whole Foods, sometimes even higher, despite being of vastly lower quality.  Score one for Whole Foods.

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  1. Whole Foods has very good quality and variety with its prepared foods. Until I started my current diet a few days ago, I went there for lunch a few times per week (I could still go, but I’d have to skip lots of things I like). I’m curious if the baked goods are consistently good at different locations, but at my local Whole Foods, the blueberry scones are just about perfect usually: crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle, not too dry.

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