Friday, March 26

I left home around 7:30 this morning, almost an hour and a half earlier than usual, because I was going to a conference near my workplace and it was starting at 8:30 … okay, the conference itself was starting at nine, but there was a free continental breakfast at 8:30 and perish the thought that I was going to turn down free food.  As expected, leaving at this earlier time got me right into the middle of rush hour.  Driving 20 miles to Exit 49 took about 45 minutes.  While there were no actual dead stops, there were several lengthy stretches when traffic just crawled along at under 20 mph.  I am so glad that I don’t have to deal with the main part of rush hour.

The conference itself was at your typical, generic suburban office park hotel/conference center.  I’ve been in quite of few of them and they’re pretty much indistinguishable.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Hilton or a Marriott or whatever.  The continental breakfast was okay, nothing special, though I noticed that the food spread for a dental conference in an adjacent room was much better.  I briefly thought of trying to snag some of that food but figured there was just no way I could pull off a credible dentist imitation.  My conference was reasonably interesting, even though much of it involved products (mutual funds and variable universal life) that I won’t be able to sell until I get my Series 7 license.  It sounds as if you can make pretty decent money selling those products.  There also were some discussions of how the economy is likely to be, especially with respect to tax policy.  The consensus is that tax rates (both federal and state) are almost certain to go through some big changes soon; suffice to say that the rate changes will not be in the “down” direction.  By the time I left in the early afternoon, traffic was much lighter than it had been in the morning, and even with a construction delay near Exit 51 the trip took barely half as long.

Gym: I didn’t do any running, tomorrow I’ll go for 35 minutes, but had a decent weights session.  Hammer Strength shoulder presses: 5 x 8 x 105/105.  Just a few weeks ago I was struggling with sets of 90 pounds, so this is very good progress. Precor leg extensions: 8 x 215, 8 x 220, 8 x 225, 8 x 230, 8 x 235.  I’m now within 25 pounds of the machine’s 260 pound maximum.  Life Fitness leg curls: 3 x 8 x 192.5  I got the strange weight by using a 7.5-pound weight block on the stack.  I finished the session with dips, 3 x 10 x bodyweight.

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  1. Did you set a date for the 7 yet? Set it, and it will give you a goal against which to structure your studying. Everyone’s different, but for that sort of test, I like a 4-6 week studying jog in the run-up to it, with the last week devoted to taking practice tests, and then doing absolutely no studying the night before the test. That’s just me though.

  2. I have until the end of June to get the 7, but I haven’t yet set a test date. Your study schedule sounds about right to me.

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