Monday, April 19

A mixed bag in terms of driving today.  I left for work a bit before noon, and for the most part traffic was at its mid-day lull.  No slowdowns at all in the westbound direction, though there was a moderate eastbound delay approaching Exit 52.  What was strange about this delay is that it was caused by construction work located completely off the Expressway on the exit ramp. Cars were backed up far enough that they blocked the right lane.  There’s like no way to win.  By the time I left work, just before 6 pm, the heaviest rush hour traffic had dissipated, but it was still relatively slow going most of the way.  The 25-mile drive took me close to 45 minutes.

One slight drawback of being in the sales industry is that not enough people say “no.”  This is not meant as some ironic joke.  It would be much easier if people who weren’t interested in life insurance (or other things that other people sell) would simply say no.  What happens instead is that they say “I’ll think about it,” or say that they’re busy right now but will call you back in a few minutes (of course, they never do), or simply use their voice mail to screen out calls.  Mind you, these aren’t cold calls, but people who’ve indicated by various means that they are interested in hearing more about our products.  What I believe happens is that many people think that a forthright “no” is impolite.  It isn’t.  Salespeople would much rather hear a direct “no” and move onto other prospects, than to keep working a prospect who does not indicate his or her lack of interest.

Gym: Well, I wanted to run on the treadmill, new sneakers and all, but as soon as I tried my legs felt as if they were made of lead.  No doubt this was a consequence of yesterday’s extensive leg work.  Using the stationary cycle was tolerable, so as an alternative I did 40 minutes at a 19 mph pace.

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