Tuesday, April 20

Today’s drive into work featured a ripple effect of sorts.  By “ripple” I don’t mean Fred Sanford’s favorite cheap wine, but the type of ripples you’ll see in water.  When I got on the Expressway about 9:15, traffic was miserably slow, what you’d expect to see an hour earlier in the heart of rush hour.  Why was everyone on the road at this time?  It wasn’t until later that I found out the Southern State Parkway had been closed due to a fatal pedestrian accident. Traffic had been diverted onto the Expressway, which parallels the Southern State about ten miles to its north, and that was the cause of the very heavy traffic I’d encountered.  I just barely made it to my 10 am training session on time.  And these are not the sort of things for which one wants to be late!

While at the session I found out that I could work XYZ Insurance’s information kiosk at the local shopping mall.  The shift would run from 3:30 until 9:30, which gave me enough time to head home after the training ended at noon.  Traffic coming back was nothing out of the ordinary, the Southern State presumably having reopened in the interim.  Working at the kiosk was not particularly productive in terms of getting a high number of leads, it was definitely not a busy evening in the mall, but I got one promising one that might, if everything works out okay, translate into a fair bit of business.  During some of the slower times I got some interesting tricks of the trade from the experienced agent who was working with me.  I related the story of my recent porching in the Bronx, and he said that it was all for the best.  When people in poorer neighborhoods ask for information on college funding, they’re usually just trying to get XYZ Insurance to pay for their kids’ education, which is hardly the way insurance works.  Had I not been porched,  in all likelihood I would have listened to their requests for money and obviously wouldn’t have sold anything.  All in all the mall session was an interesting experience, though by the time I got home it was too late for a meaningful gym session.

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