Thursday, April 22

Didn’t have to go into the office today, though I did some work on the phone and computer.  I brought my car into one of those 20-minute oil change places that charges $25 for an oil change.  It took a bit more than 20 minutes … and a lot more than 25 bucks.  In addition to the usual extras such as an air cleaner and wiper blades, they got me to spring about $75 for front and rear differential service.  Subaru recommends that service at 35,000 or 40,000 miles, I don’t remember which, but in any event my car is at 44,000 and change.  Having all wheel drive also means having two differentials.  At least I got the work done quickly enough, and now that I have to do a considerable amount of driving for work it’s important that my car is running well.

My gym trip was an unusual one, as it consisted of two segments separated by a couple of hours.  Partway through the session I realized there were a couple of important calls I had to make, and naturally enough the files were in the house rather than in my car.  So I headed back home to make the calls; one thing lead to another and over two hours passed before I went back to the gym to finish the session.  Overhead presses: 4 x 8 x 110.  Dips: 5 x 10 x bodyweight + 25, 2 x 12 x bodyweight.  Cable curls: 4 x 10 x 140.  I also ran one mile on the treadmill at 5.6 mph and did 2o minutes on the stationary cycle at 19.2 mph.  As for the segment split, the treadmill run, the overhead presses, and the first set of dips took place in the first segment, and the rest after I came back.

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