Monday, April 26

Driving in rush hour traffic is a lousy experience.  Driving in heavy rain is a lousy experience.  Driving in rush hour traffic during a heavy rain, you get the point.  My drive into work in the late morning was no bother, as it was well after rush hour and it wasn’t raining at the time.  I zoomed right along and made the trip in just about a half-hour.  Today was the day that agents were being assigned to mall kiosks during May.  When I had signed up (and paid, of course) for kiosk duty last week my choice was between a mega-mall with enormous amounts of foot traffic, or an ordinary sized mall that isn’t nearly as busy.  While it seems like an obvious choice, I had guessed that so many people would be choosing the mega-mall that there would be substantially fewer hours available than in the case of the smaller mall.  Correct guess.  Today I ended up getting almost twice the number of assigned hours in May that the mega-mall agents got.  With some luck this should translate into a decent number of leads.  Once the mall pick was over I did some other stuff and went to a meeting, and ended up heading home just before five.  By this time it was pouring rain, and of course it was rush hour, suffice to say that the drive home was just plain awful.  It took over an hour, in other words more than twice as long as the reverse trip had taken in the late morning.  As best I can recall I never went over 30 or 35 mph at any time during the 20-mile Expressway segment, and was at a dead stop on several occasions.  What made matters worse was that I was developing a nasty sore throat, which was bad enough to keep me out of the gym for the evening.

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