Monday, May 24

Another one of those days when I manage to miss rush hour traffic both ways.  I went into work in the mid-morning, late enough that the risk of traffic delays had largely passed, and returned after the evening rush hour had ended.  It was good timing, not actually intentional on my part.  Among other things during the workday I set my June schedule for working the kiosk at the same downscale mall where I’ve been this month.  The way the pick sessions work is that agents work in pairs, and they agree on the times they select.  The agent with whom I’ll be working (not the same one as this month) wasn’t present during the pick session, so I had to choose the times myself.  Whether or not she’ll agree with my choices, I can’t predict, but with her not present there was no alternative to having me make the sole decision.  I decided to try some weekday sessions, figuring that it’ll bring a different crowd than on the weekends and, hopefully, will lead to better results.  One thing I checked into is whether the kiosk could be relocated to a more central space in the mall, but unfortunately that wouldn’t be possible without a significant extra charge.

Gym: somewhat of a setback, I wanted to run at least 2.5 miles but totally ran out of steam after 1.5 miles, at my usual pace of 5.2 mph.

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