Friday, May 28I

It occurred to me that I was actually a bit lucky yesterday.  My original plan had been to get another, more experienced agent to accompany me to the trade show.  It was a good thing no one else came.  Had I been with another agent, only to see the “no soliciting” sign in the lobby – well, that would have been mighty embarrassing.  Today was actually a semi-day-off, as I’ll be doing two long mall kiosk shifts this weekend.  I went into work around 10:30 and stayed for only a couple hours.  There was a slight delay on the way in due to some crash rubbernecking, an activity which neatly illustrates human idiocy and herd=like behavior.  It scarcely even qualified as a crash.  Why, then, do drivers have to stare at the scene as if the Secrets of the Universe were about to be unveiled?  Coming home shortly after noon was easy, and I then did some work over the telephone. I managed to get in contact with a prospect – or, more accurately, the prospect’s mother, who is paying for the policy – and if all goes well I might get an appointment over the weekend.  I also went out and bought some shoes.  Up to this point I’ve been sort of the antithesis of Carrie Bradshaw, at least as far as dress shoes are concerned; rather than a closet-full, I’ve got just two pairs, and one of them is so worn I hardly ever wear them anymore.  At least now I’ll have two decent pairs.

Gym: a triple-play session, a 2-mile run on the treadmill at 5.2 mph, followed by 15 minutes of ellipting, followed by ten minutes on the stationary cycle at 18.1 mph.

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