Saturday, May 29

It’s the holiday weekend.  A time to scale down the pace of life, with picnics and barbecues and leisure activities.  Work?  That can wait to next Tuesday.

Well, at least it’s this way for most people.  As it would have been for me, back in my 9-to-5 days.  But now, as an insurance agent working on commission, things are very different.  Today in fact was a very busy day for me.  It began around 10:30, when I spoke on the phone with a prospect, the same one whose mother I spoke to yesterday.  He wanted to go through with the purchase, and asked if I could come over at noon.  The family lives about 25 to 30 minutes away from me, coincidentally just a few blocks from the house where the other agent and I had a sales call last week.  I had a blank application form with me but had to download some others from XYZ Insurance’s site and print them.  For once the printer was working okay, and I made it to the house, forms in hand, right at noon.  The sale went smoothly, Mom did almost all of the talking, and I left about 45 minutes after arriving.  Because it’s a relatively small term policy for a young person, the premium is quite low, and as my commission is a percentage of the premium it’s not like I’m going to run out and buy a Lamborghini to celebrate. Still, every sale helps.  Another prospect whom I’ve been trying to reach is a middle-aged smoker who is looking for a million-dollar policy.  If I ever sell that one my commission will be very nice indeed.

I came home after the closing and made a very quick trip to the gym.  I had wanted to deadlift, but not wanting to deal with loading and unloading a barbell (an awkward process) I used the Hammer Strength deadlift machine instead.  It’s a reasonably decent substitute for the real thing.  I did 6 x 240, 6 x 280, 6 x 330, 6 x 380, 2 x 6 x 400 … yes, doing a particular weight on this machine is a whole lot easier than deadlifting the same amount with a barbell!  A bit later I then went off to the mall for another 6-hour shift.  On a busy road along the way I saw what had to be the strangest roadkill of all – a horseshoe crab.  Those primitive critters don’t crawl very far from the water, yet this one had met its maker at least three or four miles from the nearest salt water.  As for the mall shift, the six hours felt more like sixteen, but I got a couple of potentially decent leads.  One is a man who has a fairly large universal life policy with another insurance company, but is dissatisfied with both the company and the way his policy works.  It’s going to take some research on my part to come up with possible alternatives for him.  When I left the mall at almost 9:30, I had one final surprise, namely the heavy traffic on the Sunrise Highway (Route 27).  It was almost at rush-hour levels.  No idea why.

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