Saturday, June 19

What. A. Fiasco.  I was scheduled to do the 4 to 11 shift at the publicity event.  There was plenty of time for me to go to the gym beforehand, but I was too lazy.  In any event, when I arrived at the event one of the two early-shift agents (the other had just left) told me that they had had a great deal of trouble with the canopy when it had been some gusts of wind earlier in the day.  But by then it wasn’t too windy and I didn’t think there’d be any more issues.  Wrong.  Within an hour of my arrival the wind picked up again.  It got so bad that the canopy nearly blew over and upended the adjacent vendor’s display.  I actually had to hold the stupid thing down with one hand, which made it difficult to speak of any people and collect any leads.  Not that there was much to collect, the two agent on the morning shift having gotten only two or three despite the fact that the event was mobbed.  During a brief lull in the wind I let go of the canopy to look in the carrying bag to see if there were any stakes. Well, there were four pouches that held stakes … and three of them were empty.  Using one stake would be useless.  The wind soon picked up and I was back to holding the canopy.  Staying there another five hours holding the canopy would not be in the realm of possibility.  If I took the thing down there be nothing to mark our spot except a small table, and I figured that such a sparse display would not reflect well on XYZ Insurance.  Combined with the fact that this simply wasn’t the sort of event suitable for insurance solicitation, I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and folded up the loathsome canopy and left the event around six.  Soon afterwards I texted the agent who was working on Sunday and suggested that she bring some sort of stakes for the canopy.  It was not a happy drive home, as this much-anticipated event was rapidly turning into a flop.

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