Friday, June 25

Today was a step in the right direction after yesterday’s glum spell. After going into the office around 9:30 to do some paperwork, a trip late enough to miss any significant traffic, I went off to do some business canvassing in a reasonably upscale Suffolk County community.  This was my first time doing this type of activity solo.  It wasn’t too bad, most of the merchants were at least moderately courteous and accepted the handouts I was offering.  One key is to be in and out as quickly as possible.  My pitch is more or less as follows: “Good afternoon, I am from [XYZ] Insurance, I happened to be in the area on an appointment [a white lie, to be sure], and I’d like to introduce myself to local merchants and see if I can be a resource for them.  Here is my card and some information about the insurance and financial services we offer.  I won’t take any more of your time, have a nice day.”  And then I’m out the door, the entire process having taken a matter of seconds.  It’s unlikely that more than a very small percentage of these merchants will end up doing business with me, but as the training staff always says, sales is a numbers game.  The more merchants I visit, the better the chances that I’ll get some business from my canvassing activities.

Today’s good news wasn’t over.  While I was at the gym I found out via telephone call that a much-delayed sales appointment is back on for tomorrow.  This is the appointment which I’m commisssion-splitting with another agent.  Even with the split commission it should be a fairly decent amount of money, with my share being more than the entire commission on the rejected sale.  Yay.  As for the gym, I did 50 minutes on the stationary cycle at 18.9 mph.

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