Monday, June 28

Business canvassing is not a bad way of promoting one’s insurance business.  Usually.  When the temperature is over 90 degrees by 10:30 in the morning and the humidity is extremely high, as was the case today, it’s not just a bad thing, but a horrible thing.  After just over an hour of visiting businesses not far from where I live, I was completely drained.  Every step outside felt like wading through a swamp of steaming water.  The agent with whom I was doing the canvassing noted that he had grown up in India, where temperatures of 110 degrees were commonplace for months at a time and air conditioning was nonexistent, though he admitted that the very low humidity made things at least semi-tolerable.  I was glad when the canvassing was finished and I headed into work for the usual Monday group meeting.  It was around noon by this point and traffic was moving smoothly.  At the meeting, I found out that my group of 12 agents will be divided into two teams for the month of July and will compete against each other for the most new business.  Have to see how that plays out. I left for home around 4:30 and had to deal with some fairly congested traffic much of the way.  The 25-mile trip took about 45 to 50 minutes, which I suppose isn’t too terrible.  Once home I called a number of prospects, and it should go without saying that I got voicemailed each time.

What with the heat of the day I was just too run down to go to the gym.

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