Tuesday, July 20

Getting closer to the end

Another day and a half and this sales training will be done.  I’m pretty much done too.  After being out of college for many years I’m basically doing more than a full-semester college course in nine days.  A couple of the people in the training are just a few years out of college, and it might be less of a culture shock for them, but for me, it’s been like stepping into a different world.  The far-less-intensive training I got from XYZ Insurance earlier this year doesn’t count, as that was utterly trivial compared to this.  We have one more full day tomorrow, and then Thursday is a half-day session to end the training.  Friday’s district meeting in the northern suburbs will be a sort of class reunion (a 24-hour reunion?) as some of the other trainees will be there too.  I mentioned to one of the trainers about the one-week delay in my start date, and he suggested that I ask my manager if I can make some calls with one of the agents next week.  Even though I won’t be able to share in any commissions, that being applicable to assistant managers only, I’ll be able to keep my skills from getting rusty.  Newly acquired sales skills are definitely in the use-them-or-lose-them category.  I’ll have to see.

Gym: I’m about to head off to a study session with the other trainees, if we get out at a decent hour I might head off to the gym for some ellipting, otherwise it’ll have to wait.

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